• LED Sprayer Boom Lights

    Bob Letkeman from ATI Agritronics Inc. of Winfield, BC, attending the Canada Farm Progress Show in 2013 where he was demonstrating strobing LED lights on a spray boom so farmers can easily spray at night. The lights are also effective during daylight hours as well.

    Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Pull Dozer Blade

    Henry Raupers of Cardale Tech Corp of Newdale, MB, as he demonstrates there 20 foot wide Pull Dozer which allows the operator to cut a gentle sloping V-trench for drainage. The unit can also be purchased with a ripper on the front of it.

    Location: Newdale, Manitoba, Canada

  • World Record Threshing Bee

    It was called the Old Tyme Harvest for Hunger and was a fund raiser for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The event held near Langenburg, Sk. in the summer of 2013 established a world record (to that point in time) of 41 threshing machines all threshing grain at once. Meet key organizers of the event, Ken Mack and Warren Kaeding as they describe various aspect of organizing such a large event. It involved over 400 volunteers and did raise over $100,000 to help fight world hunger. See real old timers who actually harvested with some the machines along with young teenagers like Alex and John Kirby from Spy Hill, Sk., who purchased and restored an old Red River special threshing machine and ran it at the event. Also see Ted Stremel of Elkhorn, Mb., as he operates a very rare New Advance from the teens which was powered by its own 10 horsepower engine.

    Location: Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • 2013 World Plowing Championship

    The 60th World Plowing Championships from Olds, Alberta where 58 competitors from 29 countries competed. This 2nd time the event was staged on the Olds Agricultural College campus with the first being in 1986. Mark Kaun an event organizer and farmer near Penhold, Ab. describes how the competition works. Igor Hrovatic a judge from Slovenia discusses how the competitors are judged. Several competitors are featured including ones from Scotland, Switzerland and Kenya.

    Location: Olds, Alberta, Canada