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    Hemp Production

    Kevin Friesen a farmer in the Laird district of Saskatchewan who at the time of our visit had nearly 15 years of experience growing industrial hemp. See how to properly harvest hemp and how to handle both the seed and straw from the crop.

    Location: Laird, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Organic Wheat Breeding

    Dr. Stephen Fox a prominent wheat breeder from Winnipeg, Manitoba tours viewers through various plots at the Crop Development Center at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, SK. Dr. Fox specializes in developing lines of spring wheat that are best suited to be grown in an organic farming operation. Obviously, one of the main focuses of the program is to develop varieties that compete well with weeds, diseases and insects.

    Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Hybrid Fall Rye

    Ron Weik & Gordon Geisam of FP Genetics of Regina, Sk. and Kyle Heggie a farmer from Leross, Sk. Learn about the development of a new fall rye hybrid variety called Brasetto. See the production of the crop as it looks in the spring and again at harvest time. The hybrid fall rye matures more evenly than conventional varieties and out yields them by about 25%.

    Location: Regina & Leross, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Haskap Berry Production

    Hamish Graham and Ray Getz who were growing 50 acres of Haskap also known as the Blue Honeysuckle at Birch Hills, SK. This berry crop has more than double the anti-oxidants of blueberries. It appears to be a very hardy crop and does well in the western Canadian prairie climate. View an entire harvest sequence of this unique crop. Most of the Haskap production is being shipped to Japan with some to the United States. 

    Location: Birch Hills, Saskatchewan, Canada