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    Agrimatics Libra Cart – Grain Cart Data Management

    Ian Meier of Bistrata Systems Inc., of Saskatoon, SK., explaining how their Agrimatics Libra system is set up to measure and store data about grain loaded into an harvest grain cart. The data is stored on a tablet and then uploaded to cloud servers. Rob Garland a farmer using the system near Moose Jaw , SK. comments on how he is using the system during a harvest sequence.

    Location- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Custom Self Propelled Auger

    The inventive Derek Jenkins of Shoal Lake, MB., displaying his 41 foot long self propelled auger. The undercarriage of the unit is a hybrid consisting of components from a 1993 Chev four wheel drive truck and self propelled swather.

    Location- Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada

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    Air Cube Grain Drying System

    Jeremy Hartsook of HES Manufacturing of Eston, Saskatchewan, Canada explains his unique in-bin Air Cube grain drying system. The system is designed to work in hopper bottom grain storage bins ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 bushels in capacity.

    Location: Eston, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Chutemax Remote Control System

    Shaun Gelsinger of Holdfast, Saskatchewan, Canada and his invention the Chutemax Remote Control System. The hand held wireless remote allows the operator to open and close the chute on the back of the trucks grain box. It can also control the hoist on the truck. The system can also be used to open and close the gate on semi-trailers for filling grain seed carts. At the time of airing he was selling them for $1100 Cdn.

    Location: Holdfast, Saskatchewan,Canada