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    Chutemax Remote Control System

    Shaun Gelsinger of Holdfast, Saskatchewan, Canada and his invention the Chutemax Remote Control System. The hand held wireless remote allows the operator to open and close the chute on the back of the trucks grain box. It can also control the hoist on the truck. The system can also be used to open and close the gate on semi-trailers for filling grain seed carts. At the time of airing he was selling them for $1100 Cdn.

    Location: Holdfast, Saskatchewan,Canada

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    Fertilizer Lump Buster

    Keith Putman and Jason Johnson of Rainy Day Fabricating in Assiniboia, SK., as they demonstrate how their lump buster hopper breaks up lumpy fertilizer before it goes up the auger into the fertilizer tank on an air seeder.

    Location: Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada