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    Air Seeder Seed Brake

    The AirGuard Seed Brake developed by Brian Cruson allows farmers to control the air flow without changing the direction of flow of their seed and fertilizer on air seeders. The device which goes onto each airline on a seeder is designed to stop seed and fertilizer from bouncing which helps ensure even emergence and helps prevent seed burn from fertilizer. The unit is designed so that seed doesn’t hit anything and get damaged when passing through it. The Air Guard units can be attached to most air seeders on the market today.

    Location: Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    6,000 GPM Water Pump

    Henry Raupers of Newdale, Manitoba and his PTO driven auger that can pump up to 6,000 gallons per minute. The system is built to pump slough water often full of debris off of farm land. Because it is an auger style system plugging with foreign debris is not a problem. The unit has pushed water up to 1,000 feet through a hose with an elevation of about 30 feet. It requires 1,000 rpm PTO on about a 40 to 50 horsepower tractor to operate it. At the time of our visit he was selling the pump for around $8000.00 Cdn.

    Location: Newdale, Manitoba, Canada

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    Custom Sprayer Trailer and Water Truck

    Blaine and his brother Todd Muhr of Francis, Saskatchewan and their water truck and sprayer trailer/tanker. The farmers chose a 2005 Peterbilt to put a salvaged 3800 gallon water tank on. That combined with the 1200 gallon tank on a trailer gives them around 5,000 gallons which is enough for 4 fills on their SP sprayer. The trailer also acts as a transporter for their large SP sprayer as well. The set up to them about 2 weeks to build with a total investment in materials of about $55,000.

    Location: Francis, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    The Hit-N-Hitch Pintle

    Brian Olson of Power Pin Inc., and his Hit-N-Hitch Pindle hitching system. Demonstrates a unique self locking Pindle hitch. The system keeps working even in frosty, salty conditions in the winter time.

    Location: Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada¬†