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    1942 B.F. Avery Model “A” Tractor

    Lloyd Wolfe and Garnet Campbell of Balgonie, Saskatchewan and their unique restoration of a 1942 B.F. Avery Model “A” tractor. They had to restore the unit essentially from the ground up.

    Location: Balgonie, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    1961 International 4300 4WD Tractor

    Albert Jensen and his fully restored 1961 International 4300 four wheel drive tractor. The tractor essentially was ‘ahead of its time’ as there were no 300 horsepower 4 wheel drives around. Only about 300 units were ever built and sold as farmers in the early 60’s just weren’t ready for that kind of horsepower on most farms. At the time of our visit. Jensen said he was only aware of 3 such units in Canada.

    Location: Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

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    World Record Threshing Bee

    It was called the Old Tyme Harvest for Hunger and was a fund raiser for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The event held near Langenburg, Sk. in the summer of 2013 established a world record (to that point in time) of 41 threshing machines all threshing grain at once. Meet key organizers of the event, Ken Mack and Warren Kaeding as they describe various aspect of organizing such a large event. It involved over 400 volunteers and did raise over $100,000 to help fight world hunger. See real old timers who actually harvested with some the machines along with young teenagers like Alex and John Kirby from Spy Hill, Sk., who purchased and restored an old Red River special threshing machine and ran it at the event. Also see Ted Stremel of Elkhorn, Mb., as he operates a very rare New Advance from the teens which was powered by its own 10 horsepower engine.

    Location: Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    1938 Case Model C

    Gunnar Nordal and Garnet Fawcett’s antique tractor collection. One of the tractors featured is a 1938 Case Model C that they collaborated on to fully restore. The tractor was originally purchased by the Fawcett family in 1943.

    Location: Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada