• Degelman Pro-Till

    Degelman Industries Pro Till tillage tool. This rugged, heavy duty tillage tool is designed to work in the toughest soils with maximum residue. It is ideal for chopping crop residue from corn, forages or any dense cereal crop. It can work as shallow as 3/4’s of an inch or as deep as 5 inches.

  • Flexxifinger Corn Harvest Pans

    Troy Mayes a farmer at Pierson, MB and Ron Wheeler from Flexxifinger of Assiniboia, SK. The Flexxifinger Corn Pan is a lifter attachment that fits onto a conventional combine grain header. It then allows the farmer to easily combine corn with that same header without having to invest in a conventional corn header. Each pan measures 9 inches wide and about 32 inches long and is spaced 3 to 6 inches apart to nicely divide the corn stocks as they feed into the header.

    Location: Pierson, Manitoba, Canada

  • Watermaster Floating Pump

    Greg Tait of Dilke, SK, is featured with their Watermaster Floating Pump that can work on virtually any body of water. At the time of our visit they had held the patent for the pump for over 50 years and have been manufacturing it ever since. It can lift water as much much as 30 feet and pump it for as long as 3,000 feet. The pump can work in water as shallow as 3 inches.

    Location: Dilke, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Hemp Production

    Kevin Friesen a farmer in the Laird district of Saskatchewan who at the time of our visit had nearly 15 years of experience growing industrial hemp. See how to properly harvest hemp and how to handle both the seed and straw from the crop.

    Location: Laird, Saskatchewan, Canada