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    Custom Glass Bead Jewelry

    Jolene Dusyk runs a business called JoJo Beads. The most popular glass beads are used for making earrings. Jolene says it It takes a steady hand and good eye to create a matched pair of earrings. She also makes bracelets, necklaces and boot jewelry. She has also ventured into sculptural art.

    Location: Montmartre, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Handmade Horse Harnesses

    Brad Funk runs a harness making business called The Livery Stable. He has a herd of Percheron Heavy Horses. One of his horse drawn vehicles is a Chore Sled. It is equipped with a winch for working with round bales. Since he works daily with horses, he understands what it takes to make a harness product from a practical standpoint. All of his harness making equipment is manually operated. In fact, he runs a leather creasing machine that was originally patented in 1867. He has tried electric machines and tools, but prefers manual equipment because it is more precise. He makes harness materials for sale and also repairs all types of harnesses.

    Location: Langham, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Amazing Antler Carving & Woodworking

    Jamie Kucey and her husband Reg and their business called Inaka Custom Handmade Furniture & Art near Rossburn, Manitoba. Numerous works of art are featured made out of everything from Manitoba Maple, Ash, Elm, Oak, Poplar & Birch. Reg specializes in custom antler

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    Modern Blacksmithing

    John Monteath and his business called Manuka Forge near Cochrane, Alberta. He works mostly with mild steel so he and his helpers can easily shape things with a hammer and some heat. He makes everything from stair case railings to fireplace screens. He also is sculpting everything from jewelry sized items wildlife figures from steel.

    Location: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada