• Amazing Antler Carving & Woodworking

    Jamie Kucey and her husband Reg and their business called Inaka Custom Handmade Furniture & Art near Rossburn, Manitoba. Numerous works of art are featured made out of everything from Manitoba Maple, Ash, Elm, Oak, Poplar & Birch. Reg specializes in custom antler

  • Modern Blacksmithing

    John Monteath and his business called Manuka Forge near Cochrane, Alberta. He works mostly with mild steel so he and his helpers can easily shape things with a hammer and some heat. He makes everything from stair case railings to fireplace screens. He also is sculpting everything from jewelry sized items wildlife figures from steel.

    Location: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

  • Hand Crafted Cowboy Gear

    Jamie Marner and her handcrafted cowboy and riding gear. She makes various products from Horsehair Hitching. A large portion of her business involves making chinks and chaps for working cowboys.

    Location: Hanley, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Custom Glassblowing Studio

    Jacky Berting and her husband Jim Clark have developed a very successful glass blowing operation. They make a wide variety of glass items, many of them with a prairie theme such as badland vases and prairie lily plants. They even built a 400 square foot field of glass wheat with 14,000 waste high stocks.

    Location: Cupar, Saskatchewan, Canada