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    Hand Crafted Cowboy Gear

    Jamie Marner and her handcrafted cowboy and riding gear. She makes various products from Horsehair Hitching. A large portion of her business involves making chinks and chaps for working cowboys.

    Location: Hanley, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Custom Glassblowing Studio

    Jacky Berting and her husband Jim Clark have developed a very successful glass blowing operation. They make a wide variety of glass items, many of them with a prairie theme such as badland vases and prairie lily plants. They even built a 400 square foot field of glass wheat with 14,000 waste high stocks.

    Location: Cupar, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Metal Welding Art

    Bill and Laurette Keen and their metal art and sculpting business. They build some items that are fairly large and depict native prairie trees and other plants. They also use everything from rocks to driftwood often as mounts for their welded together metal art pieces. 

    Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Potter and Educator

    Jeffrey Taylor and his business called New School Arts located in Duval, Saskatchewan. Jeffrey and his wife Nadia live and work in an old school house built in 1928. He works with a computer controlled kiln. His pottery products very greatly from $5 mugs to $575 antler handled teapots.

    Location: Duval, Saskatchewan, Canada