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    Goat Cheese Makers

    James Holtom and Marin Waddell who established Salay View Farm Goat Cheese operation on a small farm near Lang, Saskatchewan. The couple have a 900 square foot cheese building where they milk the goats and the cheese is made. At the time of the airing they were milking 24 goats. They sell most of their cheese packaged in 100 gram containers, at venues like the nearby Regina, Saskatchewan Farmers Market.

    Location: Lang, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Amigo’s Auto Wrecking

    Blair Bentley of Amigo’s Auto Wrecking Ltd., of Clavet, Saskatchewan discussing how he and his brother and another friend turned 40 acres of their family farm into a thriving auto wrecking and parts supply business. At the time of the airing they had grown to 24 employees.

    Location: Clavet, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Farmgate to Dinner Plate

    Jeff & Sabrina live on a farm near Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada. While 320 acres is a fairly small farm by Saskatchewan standards, it is just the rightsize for their operation known as “The Grazing Goose”. Both Jeff and Sabrina have off farm employment, but they also find the time to grow and sell numerous farm products directly to consumers. Everything from organically produced beef, pork, chicken and turkey meat is marketed. The animals all live in a ‘free range’ environment and by in large are maintained with a grass related diet. All of their meat products come from animals that have never been given  artificial hormones or antibiotics.  As a result, Jeff raises heritage breeds like the Berkshire hog which does better on a grass diet. He’s found Dexter and Longhorn cattle do well on grass/hay feed. All of their meat products come from animals that have never been given hormone or antibiotic products. The couple market most their products through their website www.thegrazinggoose.com. They are also eager to consult and share ideas about growing organic food locally for neighbors and friends.

    Location: Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada