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    Farmgate to Dinner Plate

    Jeff & Sabrina live on a farm near Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada. While 320 acres is a fairly small farm by Saskatchewan standards, it is just the rightsize for their operation known as “The Grazing Goose”. Both Jeff and Sabrina have off farm employment, but they also find the time to grow and sell numerous farm products directly to consumers. Everything from organically produced beef, pork, chicken and turkey meat is marketed. The animals all live in a ‘free range’ environment and by in large are maintained with a grass related diet. All of their meat products come from animals that have never been given  artificial hormones or antibiotics.  As a result, Jeff raises heritage breeds like the Berkshire hog which does better on a grass diet. He’s found Dexter and Longhorn cattle do well on grass/hay feed. All of their meat products come from animals that have never been given hormone or antibiotic products. The couple market most their products through their website www.thegrazinggoose.com. They are also eager to consult and share ideas about growing organic food locally for neighbors and friends.

    Location: Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    See How Urban Farming Works

    Keri grew up on a traditional grain farm in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. After becoming an electrician and operating her own electrical contracting business for a few years she yearned for a more fulfilling career. After doing a fair amount of research and traveling, she found her passion by establishing a urban farming operation in the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada home to about 35,000 people. She calls her operation “Green Sister Gardens” as all her produce is organically grown. Keri shows viewers how she acquires backyard space on residential lots to grow her produce from April through to October. Tour various sized lots and see Keri planting, tilling and harvesting crops and see how she packages her products for sale to both the local restaurant trade and people at large. Keeping with her’green’ theme Keri uses pedal power to pull at modified little trailer as she travels to her garden lots. Aside from crop sharing some of her production with the property owners she also sells fresh produce at the local farmers market. You can also meet Kirby Froese one of the many people who provides Keri with a backyard in exchange for fresh produce. Keri says she is able to make a modest living doing what she loves and the same time giving city dwellers and local chefs a chance to get a taste of fresh, nutritional, locally produced food.

    Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada