Chad Ross and the L7 Ranch is where we see Chad grazing 620 cow-calf pairs on a section of corn in the middle of a prairie winter. He rotates the cattle through 40 acre acre paddocks controlling them with electric fencing. They spend 5 to 8 days in each paddock. He waters them all from one water source since there is very little crowding as they graze at different times. They get shelter from groves of nearby trees if it turns cold and windy. Eliminates manure/feed hauling/handling from a central yard.
Dr. Bart Lardner a research scientist at the Western Beef Development Center in Lanigan, Saskatchewan,Canada discusses research they have done on winter corn grazing. Talks about the various varieties they have been experimenting with. At the time of the airing average feeding costs ranged from 70 cents to $1.40 Cdn. per cow per day.

Locations: Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada & Lanigan, Saskatchewan, Canada