Profile of 2 of Canada’s top agricultural farm management software programs developed and distributed by the Farm Credit Corporation (FCC). Product Support Specialist with FCC Software, Thomas Chevalier comments on the many attributes of using Field Manager Pro which allows farmers to input and track their field activities. The program can be operated on tablets & smartphones. Richard Kuntz a Senior Product Analyst with FCC Software discusses AgExpert Analyst software and how it can make gathering data for income tax returns much easier.
Jim Latrace a progressive seed and commercial farmer with LL Seeds near Lumsden, Saskatchewan., discusses how he uses both Field Manager Pro and AgExpert Analyst in his farming operation. He talks about the advantages of tracking crop inputs on mobile devices right in the field with Field Manager Pro. He also demonstrates how much easier farm accounting is when it comes to submitting GST payments and completing annual tax returns for the Canada Revenue Agency. He points out how the software makes meeting payroll commitments much easier on the farm.

Locations: Regina & Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada